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The polar bear (Anglais)


Feared and revered by the hunter people of the High Arctic, polar bears were
dreaded by the first explorers on account of their size and their power, then massacred for their fur until they reached the brink of extinction.

Polar bears are admirably adapted to the Arctic regions which they have
come to symbolise. They can swim more than 300 km in cold water, stuff themselves with 70 kg of meat in a single meal and run at a speed of 40 kph… These
carnivores, larger than lions and tigers,
are the undisputed lords of the ice. After enduring centuries of massacre, polar
bears must now face
the increasingly harmful effects of pollution, from cancers to hormone imbalances. Additionally, the catastrophic reduction of the pack ice and global warming
are seeing their natural habitat melt away. By 2050, the population will have decreased significantly, and the species will be confined to a few Arctic archipelagos.
Written by Christian Kempf who has been travelling the Arctic for more than 40
years and has guided thousands of tourists towards this end of the world, this book
is a plea on behalf of one of the most extraordinary animals on our planet. In just a
few pages and photographs, you too will have opened the doors to the polar world.

ISBN : 978-2-918299-43-1
Parution : 2013-2019
Format : 15 x 21cm
120 pages

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