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Icebergs (Anglais)


Icebergs are fascinating things, born of the encounter of two powerful, formidable
elements: sea and ice. Everyone knows that an iceberg has a submerged part, and
that it was an iceberg that sank Titanic. Increasingly, though, icebergs evoke pure
water, and the melting of the polar ice caps from global warming.

Discover why ice is blue, what makes glaciers produce these crystal cathedrals
and how the International Ice Patrol tracks them – there havebeen nearly 600 recorded collisions between ships and icebergs. Learn all the specialist vocabulary,
from ‘brash’ to ‘growlers’, ‘cupule’ to ‘ice shelf’. Wonder at the ‘ice cowboys’
who use giant ‘lassos’ to pull icebergs away from drilling platforms, and marvel
at wartime plans to use these massive, floating ‘ice islands’ as airstrips. Did you
know that in 1913, icebergs were discovered drifting as far south as the latitude of
Paris  ? Or that there are schemes to tow icebergs to drier parts of the world where
drinking water is scarce?

Take a thrilling voyage to the frozen North, and head up a Greenland fjord to
discover a glacier that flows into the sea at speeds of up to forty-five metres a
day, releasing three billion tons of ice a year. Then sail South, to the wastes of
Antarctica, where an iceberg measuring 11,000 km² broke off and drifted away,
just a few years ago.

ISBN : 978-2-918299-37-0
Parution : 2014
Format : 15 × 21cm
176 pages

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